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We offer spa, massage, body wrap, body polishing, facial etc wide range of services. Visit us to pamper yourself. Book you spa appointment online now. We offer spa, massage, body wrap, body polishing, facial etc wide range of services. Visit us to pamper yourself. Book you sp... read more 302, Sapphire Plaza, Dadabhai Road, Opp CNMS School, Pond Gaothan, , Navpada, Kamala Nagar, vile parle west, Mumbai. We offer spa, massage, body wrap, body polishing, facial etc wide range of services. Visit us to pamper yourself. Book you spa appointment online now. We offer spa, massage, body wrap, body polishing, facial etc wide... Read More 302, Sapphire Plaza, Dadabhai Road, Opp CNMS School, Pond Gaothan Read More... km
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Abhyangam Is An Ayurvedic External Therapy Where One Or Two Therapist Uses Aromatic Herbal Oils. It Is A Holistic Treatment Also Meant To Nourish The Body With Healing Touch And Warmed Oil And Certainly Proms Healthy Circulation And Joints.

Blends Of Various Aromatic Salt Will Be Used To Re-energise The Body And Will Give You An Inherent Peaceful Bath.

Aromatherapy Uses Fragrant Oil Extracted From Herbs, Flowers And Fruits To Naturally Enhance The Benefits Of Massage. Before Each Session Begins You Can Choose One Of The Four Unique Oil Blends To Be Used In Your Massage Lotion.

Balinese Massage Is One Form Of Traditional Indonesian Massage. Originating On The Island Of Bail, This Massage Involves Combination Of Techniques Including Massage, Accupressure, Reflexology And Aromatherapy Into One Session.

Chocolates High Caffeine Content Stimulate Your Circulation, Allowing Your Blood To Naturally Rejuvenate And Heal Your Skin, The Natural Oils Found In Cocoa Butter Are Usually Combined With The Other Traditional Massage Oils, Like Safflower And Olive Oils, Which Works On Your Skin To Give It Deep Moisture.

Chocolate Wrap Boost Your Skin Defense Mechanism Revitalizing The Immune System, It Is Deeply Moisturizing And Helps To Firm Tone Your Skin Providing An Anti Wrinkle Effect.

A Tow Seater Jacuzzi Ready To Serve Your Romantic Date And With Wellness In Focuses Spend Time With Your Loved One And Finishes With Platter Of Cheese, Chocolate And Fruit.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Is Similar To Swedish Massage, But The Deeper Pressure Is Beneficial In Relaxing Chronic Muscle Tension. Focus Is On The Deeper Layer Of Muscle Tissue, Tendons And Fascia. A Study In Journal Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine Found That People's Blood Pressure Fall After A Single 4. 26 Minute Deep Tissue Massage.

Rose Salt And Petal With Blend Of Rose Milk And Essence To Rejuvenate And Will Give Refreshing Feeling.

The Rose Aromatic Wrap Contains Different Alpha Hydroxy Acid And Hyaluronic Acid. This Is To Help Reeling Of Dead Cells And Help The Regeneration Of New Ones.

Reflexology Is An Alternative Medicine Involving Application Of Pressure To The Feet And Hands With Specific Thumb, Finger And Hand Techniques Without Use Of Oil Or Lotion. It Is Based On A System Of Zones And Reflex Areas That Purportedly Reflect Image Of Body On The Feet And Hands With The Premise That Such Work Affects A Physical Change To Body

The Soothing Quality Of Tea Tree Will Absorb All The Stress And Jasmine Will Remove The Colour Of The Body.

Lomi Lomi The Word Used Today To Mean Massage Therapist Or Hawaiian Massage. Lomi Lomi Practitioner's Uses The Palm, Forearm, Finger, Knuckles, Elbow, Feet And Even Sticks And Stones. It May Be Performed With Or Without Lubrication.

Quick Stress Relief Using Pain Relief Oil Over The Stressed Shoulder, Back And Indian Style Champi.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Melts Away Tension, Ease Muscle Stiffness And Increases Circulation And Metabolism. Each One Half Hour Hot Stone Massage Therapy Session Prompt Deeper Muscle Relaxation Through The Placement Of Smoothed, Water Heated Stone At Key Points On The Body.

The Skin Is Covered In Dead Sea Mud From Israel Imported For Special And Perfect Tone And Long Lasting Glow Of Your Skin.

Potli Massage Therapy Is Done Using Heated Herbal Pouches Also Known As Pouched That Are Used To Rejuvenate, Relax, Nourish And They Have Therapeutic Effect On The Body.

Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Oil, Almond Imported Oil Will Be Blended And Applied By Four Hands Along With Araya Premium Pain Relief Oils With Jacuzzi And Steam.

The Specialized Chinese And Indian Herb Blended And Will Be Applied As A Paste With Organic Oil Which Will Instant Glow. Smooth Skin And Uniform Texture Of Your Body.

Specialized Essential Oils Used To Rejuvenate And Relax Body And Soul, Pain Relief Oil Applied By Four Hands.

Ashwagandha Will Transform The Skin Colour And Will Give The Immense Pleasure While Taking The Bath, Rose Will Give Aromatic Fragrance To The Body.

Sandal Wood Itself Contains The Soothing The Relaxing And Will Also Act As Stress Buster And Aroma Will Make You Cherish For Long Time.

The Enlightment Quality Of Sandalwood Will Act As A Natural Anti Tan And Will Give Impeccable Glow.

A Form Of Therapeutic Massage In Which Pressure Is Applied With The Thumb And Palm To Those Areas Of The Body Used In In Acupuncture. Also Called Acupressure. Shiatsu A Japanese From Of Acupressure Involving Finger Pressure At Specific Point On The Body, Mainly For The Purpose Of Balancing Energy In The Body.

Swedish Massage Technique Is To Relax The Entire Body. This Is Accomplished By Rubbing The Muscles With Long Gliding Strokes In The Direction Of Blood Returning To The Heart. But Swedish Massage Therapy Goes Beyond Relaxation. Swedish Massage Is Exceptionally Beneficial For Increasing The Level Of Circulation And Flexibility While Easing Tension.

Traditional Thai Massage Uses No Oil Or Lotion. The Recipient Remains Clothed During A Treatment. There Is A Constant Body Contact Between The Giver And Receiver But Rather Than Rubbing On Muscle, The Body Is Compressed, Pilled, Stretched And Rocked. The Recipient Of Massage Wear Loose Comfortable Clothing And Lies On Mat Or Firm Mattress On Floor.

The Ingredients In Wine That Lends Itself To This Powerful Benefit Is Resveratrol, An Antioxidant Found In Grape Skins. Its Role Is To Fight Diseases And Fungus On Grape During The Rainy Season. Its Role In The Human Body Is Very Different It Helps Staff Cancel Sales.

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